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Painted Splash

My works reflect long-term interest in the human body and the rich variety of its figurative qualities. I don't exclude the parts that are normally not really taken as signs of female beauty. I carefully compose previously used glass fragments and, through an extremely complex and demanding process, I elevate them to the level of unique objects – colored sculptures that are also convergent with the phenomenon of perfection and beauty usually associated with them. By fusing two seemingly disparate approaches, I'm able to put even more emphasis on the importance of transgressing norms and the absurdity of the images we are witnessing. A distinctive language based on the similarities of shape of common objects, brands and female curves constructs a sophisticated game of paradoxes and widening views that go beyond what is needed. Newly created stories of beauty and real shapes become attractive not only thanks to the unprecedented approach, but also because of the conceptual aspect and final craftsmanship of the material.

In the framework of, slumped, lamp or blown glass is the center of attention the dictate of the strict ideals by contemporary culture. The massage on different pages of fashion magazines touches my own body, which is directly influenced by the aesthetics of pop scene. Beauty strategies supported by famous brands are included in my work. Shaving, perfect skin, trained body, golden jewellery, Calvin Klein underwear, Laboutin shoes, Nike, Adidas and more.

Baroque, Glass, 116 x 51 x 0,5cm, 2016


Brush, Glass, 54 x 45 x 0,5cm, 2017


Camouflage girl, Glass, 111 x 48 x 0,5cm, 2016


Hand, Glass, 53 x 12 x 0,5cm, 2017


Ice cream, Glass, size 68 x 44 x 0,5 cm, 2016


Scout, Glass, 61 x 12 x 0,5cm, 2017


Super hero, Glass, 73 x 45 x 0,5cm, 2016


Super muscle, 54 x 41 x 0,5cm, 2017

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